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Title Transfers

This tool will display the titles that an employee could apply as a permissive transfer applicant based on their current official title. To determine your eligibility for a position, you can use this tool to search for titles. You may also want to call or email the contact person on each vacancy listing. Permissive transfer applicants will be considered based on an objective assessment of skills and qualifications relative to the job responsibilities. You can find your official title on your earnings statement or you can search for yourself in the online directory:

This tool only contains titles used at UW. For a complete listing of state classified titles, please visit:

Please note, employees in PR 07-02, PR 09-75, PR 13-02, PR 15-02 and other non-career executive positions cannot transfer into PR 70-02, PR 71-01 and PR 81-02 career executive positions.

Please start typing the name of your title, until you find a match.


OR select title from dropdown list.